Light Up Middletown
A Drive-Through Fantasy Light Display
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Light Up Middletown

The mission of Light Up Middletown is to raise funds to make improvements to Middletown City Parks and to present a first-class holiday event that will draw guests not only from the immediate area but from a wider region.  By working with other local holiday event planners and light displays, Light Up Middletown hopes to make Middletown a hub of holiday activity. 
Grandpa Gang
Light Up is a totally volunteer organization.  The Grandpa Gang is a group of mostly-retired gentlemen who work tirelessly to erect, maintain, take down and store the numerous displays. They begin in mid-October putting the displays around Smith Park. Throughout the season, from the day after Thanksgiving through New Year's Eve, The Grandpas take turns turning on the lights before 6 pm and turning them off at 10 pm every single night, holidays and bad weather included. If a display is not lighting properly, they take it personally and stay with the "sick child" until all is well again. Beginning on January 1, they remove all the displays, make repairs and stow them away for the next season.

Gate Greeters
Several volunteers greet guests at the gate every single evening from 6-10 pm. These people represent non-profit clubs and organizations.  Light Up makes a donation to their organization in exchange for their work.  They answer questions, give each vehicle driver a list of other local events, coupons from local restaurants, Light Up sponsors and other useful information.
Other Volunteers
The Santa House, costumed characters and hot air balloon pilots are also a big part of the volunteer operation that brings a unique experience to the guests visiting Light Up Middletown.
2011 Light Up Middletown Board of Directors
Florella Randall, Chairperson
Larry Biltz, Vice-Chair
Richard Mort, Treasurer
Ann Mort, Secretary/Communications
Barney Strassburger, Site Manager
Frankie Carlson, Costume Characters/Santa House
Bill Becker, Business Advisor

The Light Up family lost a valued member in December 2011 when our long-time treasurer George Brecht died.